R, Open Access and RepRoducible ReseaRch

Peng Zhao1, Someone Else1, 2
  1. Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany peng.zhao@mpic.de
  2. Far Far Away

What is this

R, a fully open access environment for data analysis, which is open source, reproducible, accessible online, interactive (try Table 1 and Fig. 3).

R created this poster with me. Wanna know how to make it? Join this 4.5-hour training course, if you are:

  • a beginner without a programming background,
  • a student or an early career scientist who is interested in R language, or
  • a senior scientist who is interested in reproducible research.

How to participate

  • Four (or five) parts (see the headings in this post). Feel free to take part in any one or all of them.
  • Send a registration email to peng.zhao@mpic.de by Monday morning, 3 Dec., 2018. Please mention which part you would participate.
  • Bring a laptop for live practice. Examples are give on Windows, while other OS will be compatible. Install R and RStudio in advance if you can.

Why this course

Fig. 1: Before this course. Fig.2: After this course.

Part 0: Preparation (Mon. 13:30)

Where and when

  • Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany.
  • Monday (3th Dec. 2018) afternoon 13:30, Seminar Room 1 on the ground floor.
  • Tuesday (4th Dec.) morning 10:00, Conference Room on the first floor.

Part 1: Basic operations (Mon. 14:00)


  • Fundamental calculation
  • Data structure
  • Statistics


  • Read and save data
  • Conditional statements: ifelse
  • Loop: for

Part 2: Plot diagrams (Mon. 15:00)

Fig. 3: An interactive map of the air quality in China on 2016-12-30, 14:00 (use your mouse to zoom in).

Part 3: Reproducible Research (Tue. 10:00)

Journal articles

  • Introduction to R rticle package
  • Write a draft for ACP


  • Introduction to R bookdown/bookdownplus packages
  • Write a dissertation of PKU/UBT


  • Introduction to R xaringan package
  • Make slides


  • Introduction to R drposter package
  • A live example: this poster


  • Introduction to R mindr package
  • Create mindmpas from a dissertation

Research websites

  • Introduction to R blogdown package
  • A live example

Part 4: Project Management (Tue. 11:00)

Manage a project, including data, programming scripts, documents, slides, posters, etc., in an R way.


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Many thanks to Dr.David Walter, Dr. Jiandong Wang, Dr. Yihui Xie, Prof. Yafang Cheng, Prof. Hang Su for inspiring the idea of this course and sharing their experience.