Looks like Genesis.


Susan, a friend of mine, comes from Germany. One day, she asked me,excitedly: ‘I heard that Germany in Chinese means a Land of Virtue. Is that true?’


Right click your mouse on an equation in this post - Show Math As - TeX Commands, and I get the LaTeX code of the equation immediately.



More Publications

  • Castelli, M.; Anderson, M.; Yang, Y.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Bertoldi, G.; Niedrist, G.; Hammerle, A.; Zhao, P.; Zebisch, M. & Notarnicola, C. Two-source energy balance modeling of evapotranspiration in Alpine grasslands Remote Sensing of Environment , 2018, 209, 327 - 342.

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  • Zhao, P., Hammerle, A., Zeeman, M., & Wohlfahrt, G. (2018). On the calculation of daytime CO2 fluxes measured by automated closed transparent chambers. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 263, 267–275.

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  • Zhao, P., and Lüers J.. 2017. Parameterization of Evapotranspiration Estimation for Two Typical East Asian Crops. Atmosphere 8 (6): 111.

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Civil Aircraft for the Regular Investigation of the atmosphere Based on an Instrument Container (CARIBIC). IAGOS CARIBIC is an innovative scientific project to study and monitor important chemical and physical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Detailed and extensive measurements are made during long distance flights. CARIBIC deploys a modified airfreight container with automated scientific apparatus which are connected to an air and particle (aerosol) inlet underneath the aircraft. Using a passenger Airbus A340-600 from Lufthansa in total more than 530 flights are succesfully completed.


The ScaleX campaigns in the TERENO—preAlpine observatory were designed to address an overarching research question: How well can our observations constrain modeling uncertainties of biogeochemical cycles, and close the balances of energy and matter flows?


Austrian Science Fund (FWF): On the role of advection for the net carbon dioxide exchange of short-statured ecosystems in complex terrain.


EVENT II is a part of a series of field experiments in the Ecological Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth termed the EVENT Experiments with international and interdisciplinary research cooperation.


The TERRECO-IRTG program examines the way to carry out land management in mountain regions, in order to ensure sustainable yield of ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are all of the products and gains that people obtain from natural ecosystems and natural resources in a region.




  • Zhao, P.; Li, Y.. 2018. Learning R. Yanjiu Press. Beijing.

Software development

  • OutlierFlag (docs, BitBucket): A standalone desktop program as well as a toolbox application in MeteoInfoLab for outlier check in scientific datasets. Written in Java.
  • wibsr (docs): Processing raw data from Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensors (WIBS-NEO).
  • et (docs): A kinetic model for evaluating the gradient method for surface-atmosphere flux measurement of reactive gases.
  • eddyr (docs): Post-processing eddy covariance data.
  • rosr (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Creating a project for open science and reproducible research. rosr
  • biber (docs): A tool for bibliometrics.
  • sinx (docs, CRAN, GitHub): R fortunes in Chinese. sinx
  • blogdownplus (docs): Assistant for building blogdown sites.
  • rmd (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Easily installs and loads the R Markdown family. rmd
  • packr (docs, GitHub): Create an R package that can easily install and load a group of R packages.
  • advr (docs, GitHub): Functions I use for processing advection flux data.
  • steemr (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Process Steem data. steemr
  • mf (docs, GitHub): Functions I often use in micrometeorology and other work.
  • beginr (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Functions for R Beginners. beginr
  • bookdownplus (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Generate Varied Types of Books and Documents with R ‘bookdown’ Package. bookdownplus
  • mindr (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Convert Files Between Markdown or Rmarkdown Files and Mindmaps. mindr
  • pinyin (docs, CRAN, GitHub): Convert Chinese Characters into Pinyin. pinyin
  • GaFiR (docs): A user-friendly open source package for filling data gaps in turbulent flux observations of evapotranspiration and carbon dioxide.
  • MSEF (docs): A new multi-step error filter in addition to the quality checks implemented in the TK3-software or any other eddycovariance software package.